Microsoft Reveals More Details on SharePoint 2013 Development

One of my alerts turned up a new piece of ‘official’ information from Microsoft this morning. As you can probably imagine, Microsoft is working hard to prepare all the official documentation, marketing material, and training for SharePoint 2013, and every now and then, we can get a sneak peek at what they’re doing.

Today, intended or not, Microsoft revealed a new learning course on SharePoint 2013 development titled “First Look Clinic: What’s New for Developers in Microsoft SharePoint 15”. Perhaps it was an oversight, but regardless, there are interesting details and, if nothing else, confirmations about what we already ‘know’ on what’s coming.


The course described is a four module ‘clinic’ course targeted at developers who will be creating SharePoint 15 [sic] applications.

Update: The page containing the course has now been removed by Microsoft.

The executive summary of what we can learn or on what we now receive confirmation are these features:

  • SharePoint marketplace for Apps
  • Office Agaves, HTML add-ons for Office documents
  • New enterprise services, including search from client-side object model

Of particular and somewhat new interest, at least to me, are details about the organization of the SharePoint marketplace. Microsoft reveals that there are two hosting options for SharePoint apps; SharePoint-hosted and cloud-hosted. Just a few days ago (no, no more relative time jokes), I published some thoughts based on a private screenshot I had seen (no NDA breaches here either, sorry MVPs) where I mentioned that there was both an organization store and a public store for SharePoint apps.

I also previously wrote about this a very long time ago in the SharePoint marketplace series right here on my blog, so it’s not exactly new information, but still nice to see it confirmed.

As for the client-side object model (CSOM) improvements, well, I’ve written extensively about the CSOM in my SharePoint 2013 Beta series, but to readers of that series, the new capabilities will come as no surprise. In fact, I think I’ll actually detail some of those improvements here on the blog over the next days, so stay tuned and learn more 🙂

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