Leo Laporte has Ruined My Name!

Actually, they did very good jobs, Leo coming closest with the pronounced K.

Oh, wait, you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Well, the short story,  and I’ll skip the long story this time, is this:

Leo Laporte is the host of the twit.tv show Windows Weekly (he’s also an Emmy Award winner according to Wikipedia), where he talks to Mary-Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott about what’s going on in the Microsoft world.

In the show numbered #249 (Shopping for Puppies), they actually talk about me for several minutes, struggling valiantly to figure out how to pronounce my name. Of course, the real story there is the work I’ve done on uncovering information about SharePoint 15 aka SharePoint 2013 (or SharePoint 2012 if you’re pessimistic).

I’ve been watching Windows Weekly for a couple of months now in anticipation of news around the Office 15 wave, and I highly recommend watching the entire the show. However, if you just want to skip ahead to where they talk about SharePoint (and me), that starts at 50 minutes into the #249 episode.


PS: I have no idea how to write those pronunciation things they do on Wikipedia, but Leo’s final attempt, with the pronounced K is as spot on as I can expect from a non-Norwegian speaker. It really doesn’t matter, though, I respond to most things beginning for B, Fu, or ‘you arrogant bastard’.

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Bjørn Furuknap

I previously did SharePoint. These days, I try new things to see where I can find the passion. If you have great ideas, cool projects, or is in general an awesome person, get in touch and we might find out together.

2 thoughts on “Leo Laporte has Ruined My Name!”

  1. Haha, kom på siden din med et uhell når jeg søkte på TWiT, men jeg husker de leste opp posten din! 😀

  2. Things could be worse than nordic mispronunciation my friend. I really don’t know how Mary Jo Foley puts up with this mysogynistic douchebag – to be honest I can rarely even find a use for the word ‘mysogynist’, but Leo wins the award hands down. Good for you Mary Jo. Hang in there.

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