Last Chance for SharePoint 2013 Beta Subscription

I’ve been writing a USP Journal series on what to expect from the upcoming SharePoint 2013 (the platform formerly known as SharePoint 15). The series runs until Microsoft releases the public beta, which, according to the hottest rumors, will happen within a couple of weeks.

When the public beta comes out, I’m starting a new series called “Introducing SharePoint 2013”, similar to what I did for SharePoint 2010. In short, it will be a series of 5-6 issues covering what you need to know about the new version, whether you’re an end user, developer, administrator, or business analyst.

But that’s not what I’m here to say.

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 12, 2012, I’m shutting down new subscriptions for the SharePoint 2013 Beta series.

That’s right, it’s your last chance to sign up and get the insights before everyone else, at least from me.

This happens primarily for two reasons:

  1. The public beta is coming out in a short while.
  2. I need to start preparing for the new series.

If you sign up now, you still get all the previous issues, including the new fifth issue that comes out today. That’s a total of more than 150 pages of insights, both technical and non-technical, on what to expect and how to prepare for SharePoint 2013.

The price is still $14.95 for the entire series and you can get your subscription from the SharePoint 2013 Beta series web page.


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3 thoughts on “Last Chance for SharePoint 2013 Beta Subscription”

  1. Been following the blogs and went ahead and jumped in here at the last minute to play catch-up with all the info. Subscription worked great but the link for Issue 4 might need some attention as it spit back a 404 upon clicking instead of downloading as all the other issues did. Thanks for all the work that goes into harvesting this information!

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