I’ve Sold My Soul

Update: This was supposed to be such a joyous occasion, but alas, that’s not how it turned out. Read about it here.

The news should be out by now; I’ve gone ahead and sold my soul by starting a new permanent job  here in Norway. Although this is probably extremely uninteresting to you, as you are here to read about things that benefit you rather than affect me, I’d still like to mention it.

The culprit behind this vile scheme? Ergo Group in Norway. When I let the news go that I was looking for a permanent position, Ergo came out the clear winner.

First, this will not mean I stop writing. Quite the contrary, my contract states that I shall continue writing, both books, articles, and Understanding SharePoint Journal.

Second, this means I get a lot more input on what to write. Just the first few days, I’ve had inspiration for at least two new articles and one journal issue.

I will also encounter situations and problems now that I work with others to a greater extent. I, of course, never make any mistakes, so that’s why I need external inspiration for further debugging articles. Oh, and I’m also very modest.

The first article came out on Friday, and explains one of those really obscure scenarios that it would have taken years to discover in a lab environment. Basically, if you share your database server with other applications, you may encounter a situation in which you cannot add new servers to a farm due to certain content in other databases.

Read that article here: Shared SQL Server for SharePoint? Watch Out!

I have now started writing down placeholder articles in Live Writer for new post and article ideas, and since I started at Ergo, I have created six placeholder articles. So, make sure you follow along, either on twitter (@furuknap) or through RSS.


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