It’s Named: Office 15 to be Microsoft Office 2013

Somehow my regular search filters didn’t pick this up until now, but there’s no longer a doubt: The next version of Microsoft Office is called Microsoft Office 2013.

Microsoft has, for some reason, refused to name the product formally yet, but as we’re just weeks or maybe even days away from the first unveiling of the public beta, information is destined to leak.

One such leak is from an MSDN article about Windows Messaging and how developers should use MAPI to send mail. The quote, taken from the specifics of how one should display a dialog box, says that a particular method of displaying a dialog box is “Available on Windows with Microsoft Office 2013 Preview”.



I’ve seen secret screenshots of the installation of more recent Office builds using the Office 2013 name, but nothing I could share publicly, but now there’s a public source so it’s confirmed and general knowledge, at least very quickly.

So, that makes it quite likely that the next version of SharePoint will be named SharePoint 2013, and we can all start selling our sharepoint2012 domains 🙂


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