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We’re approaching the first public version of our new puzzle game called Twisto, so I thought I should introduce the game.


Twisto is a 2D puzzle game inspire by Rubik’s Cube. The goal is to recreate a solution board by twisting rows and columns of colored cubes. Once the bottom board matches the top board, you clear the level.

Twisto01 Twisto02

Simple enough, yes? Well, there are 200 levels of increasing difficulty. Towards the end, you’ll face boards like these:


Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to practice before those levels, and if you get stuck, there are ways to get out of a sticky situation too. Also, you can ask for help from your friends, but more on that in a moment.

Game Modes

Twisto has several game modes and more coming. First, you have the standard level mode where you play through varying puzzles of increasing difficulty.

In level mode you also earn achievements such as additional health, unlocking new game modes or game features, and so on. There are 200 levels total, each being unique to you for unique each time you play. In other words, your level 30 is totally different from my level 30 and will be different the next time you try too!

Next, you have Code mode in which you can enter a code word of your choice and get a unique puzzle based on that word. For example, when I enter Furuknap as the code, on Hard difficulty, this is what I get:


This will actually be the same puzzle for everyone, so if you enter the same code on your Twisto you get the same puzzle as anyone else.

Note: The above puzzle isn’t actually the release version of the code Furuknap because I’m currently working on game balance which affects which puzzles get generated. Once we release the first full version, the algorithms get locked in, though, so everyone gets the same puzzles and challenges.

If you get far enough, you can also unlock Endless mode and Lights Out!, the latter being a mode in which you only see which tiles are in the correct position but not the color of each tile!

We have planned additional game modes too, but want to get this version out so you can start playing.

Social Features

Twisto is also a social game, allowing you to share your puzzles, challenges, and solutions with friends.

This is possible because each Twisto puzzle has a particular URL that you can share, and when your friends ask for your help, you can simply click the URL from a device that has Twisto installed, and it will open the exact same puzzle.

This can even include any moves that you make, by using a specific format to describe which rows and columns to move. Here is an explanation of how to read Twisto solutions, but if you click a URL with a solution included, it will automatically launch a playback of those moves.

The social sharing features open up a range of new game options, including collaborating on solving a huge puzzle. One example may be that you and a friend make five moves each and share the progress with the other. Whoever ends up solving the puzzle wins.

Because puzzles and solutions are URLs, you can also bookmark them in your browser if you want to save a particular puzzle or you can just send them to yourself in an email. If you decide to share your puzzles, the link will take your friends to a URL where they can download the game.

Other Features

I should mentioned immediately that Twisto is free.

The way we intend to make money is that when you’ve run out of moves or lives, you can watch a video ad and get more moves or additional lives. If you’re offline or don’t want us to eat, you can simply wait for health to regenerate.

You can also unlock additional health capacity by playing the game and, although you start out with just three hearts to hold health, you can earn up to six hearts.


There are other things to unlock too. For example, you can unlock Playback, which allows you to “rewind” to any previous move in the same game at the cost of one life.


I’m not going to disclose all the achievements now. It is part of the joy of discovery but also because we’re planning to add more achievements and content and I’ll probably not update this blog post every time.

Want to Play Twisto?

Well, you can. There’s a public beta out right now and within another few days, the final version will come out.

Get it on Google Play

Please send us any feedback you have to and we’ll be very grateful if you include which device you have and which version of Android you use.

Thank you and enjoy!

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