Geez, Steve, you could have just told me…

Seems like my post where I explained my attitude towards SharePoint didn’t sit well with someone.

LinkedIn profile 2

Really, Steve, if you were so mad about it, why not just tell me?

The irony of it all is that I would hire the person to do my SEO on the spot if I knew who it was. This profile is currently on position 11 for a Google search for my name, which is quite impressive after such as short time. I’m not linking to the profile as it will boost the search engine rankings even more, but you can type in the Url from the image if LinkedIn hasn’t removed the profile already.

Look, people, if you think I’m being unreasonable, just let me know. Post a comment, blog about it, send emails to your friends saying I killed Bambi, but at least have the balls to do so under your own name. I’m used to people criticizing me, but come one, an anonymous profile on LinkedIn? That’s low…

At least I got a new t-shirt out of it…


No, I didn’t. The image is from Zazzle’s t-shirt designer. And no, I don’t think Microsoft created that profile either…


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