Free USPJ Academy Webinar Monday June 28 – Gathering User Requirements for SharePoint

OK, so the cat’s out of the bag. The first USPJ Academy open lecture will be free and open to all. Initially, we intended to keep this event a bit low-key and limited to students only, but we’re so confident in the platform now that we’ve decided to just jump in.

Another insanely cool thing: We’ve also decided to make this first event free for all. That’s right, the normal price for these open lectures is $97, but this first time, you can attend without paying a single cent. Or penny. Or whatever currency is really small where you live.

The first time is always free, right?

Regardless, the topic for this first lecture is user requirements in SharePoint, and the lecture is held by the SharePoint project management guru Dux Raymond Sy. If you don’t know who Dux is, you’ve either been sleeping a lot lately or you’re not on twitter, but in either case, Dux is known in the community as a brilliant speaker and an absolute mastermind of project management.

The session, for which you can register now, happens on Monday June 28 at 1800 CEST, so you’re short on time if you want to get in. We have a limited number of seats available, and it’s been filling up very fast today.

Don’t just sit there, get over there and sign up!


PS: The sign-up page has more info on the topic and the session abstract. 

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