First SharePoint 2010 Book Is Here! USP Journal Volume 2, Issue 1

I’ve just launched the first issue of volume 2 of USP Journal, titled Introducing SharePoint 2010. This issue, spanning a massive 180 pages, is the first independent book on SharePoint available on the market. It is also, by far, the longest USPJ issue ever.

Throughout this issue, I’ll introduce you to SharePoint 2010 whether you are a developer, an administrator, or an end-user (Sorry Mark, I had to put something in for end users since you’re not…)

Here is an overview of the content:

SharePoint 2010 New Features Overview
Get an overview of the new features of SharePoint 2010. In addition, I’ll walk you through installing SharePoint 2010 Beta 2 in a 40 minute video, including installing Active Directory, SQL Server 2008, and the pre-requisites for SharePoint 2010.

Getting Started with SharePoint 2010
This issue will get you started with SharePoint 2010 in record time and walk you through several exercises to show you many of the new features in action. I’ll also show you, in four accompanying videos, how to set up a metadata model in SharePoint.

SharePoint Designer 2010
SharePoint Designer 2010 offers massive improvements over the previous version. I’ll walk you through this new version, including setting up your first SharePoint Designer workflow using the new workflow editor.

Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint
Visual Studio 2010 completely changes the playing field for SharePoint development. Find out what features will benefit you and if this tool is really for you.

The New SharePoint 2010 Developer
It’s time to learn what the new SharePoint 2010 development model means for you as a developer. I’ll walk you through what you need to learn in order to harness the new features of SharePoint, including the client object model, LINQ to SharePoint, REST and WCF services, using the new UI features, and more!

SharePoint 2010 Administrator Update
The administrator’s job gets a whole lot easier in SharePoint 2010. I’ll walk you through the features that will make your life easier as an IT-pro, including upgrading sites from SharePoint 2007, PowerShell (I promise to make it easy), managing a SharePoint 2010 farm and performance and monitoring.

Oh, and I’ve also included six videos to walk you through important features of SharePoint 2010, including a 40 minute vide on installing everything you need for a SharePoint 2010 lab environment.

Here’s what Scott from Tampa, Florida said about the Introducing SharePoint 2010 series on which the new book is based:

“I do not usually read articles about Microsoft products from outside MSDN, since it is usually a rehash of the same information. However, I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of the material from the issue ‘Introducing Sharepoint 2010.’ There are great tips and practical advice on the installation of the SP 2010 Beta and a good overview of the new features of 2010. This is one site that will be added to my IE favorites.”

Here are Mohamed Mosallem’s thoughts, this time from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia:

“SharePoint 2010!! OMG I just started feeling comfortable with SharePoint 2007, I was feeling that I have to start all over again, well…. thanks to the help of the USP journal and the new series about SharePoint2010, after reading the first issue of the series I was relieved knowing that I have someone to ease the transition to SharePoint 2010.”

What’s keeping you? Get over to the Introducing SharePoint 2010 site and get your copy now!


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