First Chapter of Introducing SharePoint 2013 Published – And It’s Free of Charge!

As you know, if you’re a reader of my blog, I announced that I was writing a USP Journal series on SharePoint 2013 called Introducing SharePoint 2013.

The series is really a book, or will be, that I’m writing, chapter by chapter, and publishing to subscribers of that list. After all the chapters are done, and I think I’ll end up with six chapter, I’ll compile all the chapters into a single book and, when SharePoint 2013 is generally available, I’ll update screenshots and information and publish it.

This model has worked great before, I’ve done it three times already (SharePoint 2010 Beta, Introducing SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013 Beta), and it’s a great way both for people to get early access to information and as a way for me to learn and share about a platform I love.

Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve published the first chapter as of a few minutes ago. The first chapter, spanning 54 pages, focuses on getting a testing and evaluation environment up and running, as well as giving some initial guidance on things to see and where to find familiar items. I’ll walk through understanding hardware and software requirements, installing active directory and SQL server, and of course, setting up and configuring SharePoint 2013.

Rather than just give you screenshots and tell you what to click, though, I also offer guidance on what the choices mean, as well as highlight where one needs to be careful about differences in evaluation environments and production environments.

The book is targeted at people who have existing experience with SharePoint, so if you’ve never worked with the platform before, you may want to look elsewhere.

However, for those that have experience and want to learn SharePoint 2013, I focus chapters on the various disciplines to make sure everyone gets up-to-date on what they need to know and learn about the new version.

So far, I’ve outlined five chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Welcome to SharePoint 2013 (described above)
  • Chapter 2: Exploring SharePoint 2013
  • Chapter 3: SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Chapter 4: The New SharePoint 2013 Developer
  • Chapter 5: SharePoint 2013 Administrator Updates

I’m also thinking about a sixth chapter, but I haven’t decided on which of several topics I should choose. The very cool thing about writing a book as a series is that you can interact with your readers while you write and get their feedback, comments, questions, and suggestions, and integrate that in the final product.

The entire series, which includes all the chapters plus the final and updated book costs $14.95. As a teaser, I’ve uploaded the first chapter, free of charge, to the free content section of USP Journal, available to members of the USP Journal mailing list only (you can sign up for free, though).

If you want to read more or buy a subscription, you can do so from



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