Finally, article series on customizing the SharePoint User Experience is online

It took some time, but finally the first article in the series ‘Customizing the SharePoint User Experience’ is online.

I have blogged about the series earlier, but needless to say I have been very busy recently with the new book web site. And a bit on the actual writing, as well.

In any case, the article, titled Customizing the user experience: Overview of the default interface (Part 1 of 6) is now out on SharePoint Magazine. The second and third articles are also written, but to keep the suspense we will publish those later.

A few things to note with the articles versus The Book. The articles, while fairly technical, are by no means as exhaustive and deep as The Book will be. If you like the article for its depth you will love The Book. If you like the attempt at humor in the articles then be prepared to laugh out loud when The Book hits the shelves.

Also, several topics will not be covered online at all. While I will keep the outline I posted earlier, I have to put most of my effort and time into writing The deepest and best SharePoint book ever written, and that leaves a bit less time for everything else.

So, while you are all anxiously awaiting the release of The Book you can get a SharePoint Magazine exclusive preview in the article. If you really want to keep up to date, make sure you join my mailing list for the book at

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