Exclusive “Building the SharePoint User Experience” book excerpts posted

A few days ago I posted the first actual excerpts from my upcoming book "Building the SharePoint User Experience".

This is a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is that the excerpts are exclusive to the members of the mailing list. The good news is that all you need to do to get the excerpts is sign up to the list. Of course, the membership on the list is completely free and you get immediate access to the excerpts once you sign up. In fact, the password required to download is in the welcome message sent to you once you sign up.

Here’s what you will get:

1. Working with web parts in a site definition (from chapter 4)

This 3-page excerpt explains how you would add web parts to your site definition using the AllUsersWebPart element. In addition you will be shown how you get the actual web part code from an existing web part so that you can pre-configure settings to be included in the site definition web part.

(PDF, 4 pages)

2. DelegateControls (from chapter 5)

Modifying appearance and behavior of existing pages can be accomplished using DelegateControls. These controls allow you to put new controls and content into a pre-defined area of a page, such as the search box, various links, or, if you have created your own pages, anywhere you put a DelegateControl control. Learn how in this short excerpt.

(PDF, 3 pages)

3. A deep dive into Email-enabled lists (from chapter 7)

If you ever wanted to have an email enabled custom list you should understand how email works with lists. Then you would need to write a single line of code. This excerpt will explain and show you how email enabling works under the hood.

(PDF, 5 pages)

Here’s what you have to do to get the excerpts, in 3 easy steps:

1. Go to the Building the SharePoint User Experience blog and sign up for the mailing list.

2. Confirm your membership in the email sent to you. This is important! You will only get the password in the Welcome message.

3. Stop by the Exclusive book excerpts page and download the excerpts.

So far feedback on the excerpts has been great. Which is good, but also a bit disappointing. I mean, one important reason to post the excerpts is to get feedback on what to improve. I had hoped, at least sort of hoped, that people would run down my door, bashing me for using too much humor, putting in to few details, writing like a pig, or anything that I can use to improve the book.

I mean, I really want to write the best SharePoint book ever, and I refuse to believe that I am on track to do this just on my own. Oh, well, perhaps any new readers will be more brutal.

So, if you want to help me make this the best SharePoint Book ever, you know what to do…


PS! Remember, "Building the SharePoint User Experience" is available for pre-order at Amazon.

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