Dubai and UAE Boycott Information

For those that follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that I have announced a boycott of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

I’m implementing this boycott as a protest against the oppressive regime that as its latest demonstration of wisdom put a woman in jail for being raped. That’s right; she was raped and was subsequently imprisoned and sentenced to 16 months in jail for having sex outside marriage.

It just happens to be that this woman was Norwegian, but honestly, I couldn’t care less about the nationality of the parties involved. This is about as clear a violation of any decent behavior as I can imagine.

I do not oppose Islam or any country’s reasonable interpretation of Islamic laws. I have nothing against Muslims, or any other religious group for that matter. I am, however, vehemently opposed to state sanctioned violations of individuals.

As a result of this, I’m have now added a WordPress plug-in to this blog and to my Bitcoin blog, which blocks access from any IP-address in the UAE. The plug-in, called iQ Block Country, allows me to select countries from which users are not allowed access.

I have also added a 1000% sales tax for any USP Journal purchase from UAE. Sadly, I cannot block sales from an individual country completely. I will attempt to do the same for journals sold through iBookstore and Amazon.

I will further refuse any new work for any company based in Dubai or who has a significant presence in UAE. This includes people as well; no students from UAE will be accepted, no inquiries or assistance rendered.

I will, however, render whatever assistance I can to people in the UAE that wants to get away from that regime. For my SharePoint friends, I will do my utmost to help you secure jobs in other countries (although you can’t actually see this message). Once you have left, I will also help you, free of charge, with learning SharePoint through my mentoring program for up to six months or however else I can.

This boycott will remain in place indefinitely.


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