Confirmed: There Will Be New On-Premises Versions of SharePoint

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about myself mostly, and then about the death of SharePoint, or what seemed to many to be the death of SharePoint.

In the article, for those of you who still haven’t figured out how to click links, I pointed out that Microsoft had been extremely vague in their language about whether there would be new version of SharePoint for on-premises clients. The only official words had been from Microsoft marketing, stating something about “yeah, we’ll continue to support it alright”. No firm commitment about building new versions, though.

Sometimes, however, there are glimmers of awesome from Redmond. The discussion about whether there would be a new version had been ongoing for a while, and it seemed that some people were privy to inside information *hrmpftMVPscough* that the rest of the community desperately needed.

Today, Jeff Teper, the head honcho of SharePoint in Redmondland, publicly confirmed in a comment to my article that there will, indeed, be a new version of SharePoint on-premises. In fact, they’re actively working on the next one right now, which makes sense if there would even be a new version.

The comment, verbatim, from Jeff, was:

Ongoing Server Releases – We are committed to on-premises releases of SharePoint and Exchange on a comparable cadence to past server releases. We are working on the next one and will share more down the road.

The comment was made on SPYam in response to my “SharePoint is Dead” article, and just in case you’re still not part of the awesome SPYam community, here’s the picture of the comment:

25-11-2013 16-20-18

There aren’t any clearer ways of saying it: No, SharePoint isn’t dead, not even on-premises. There will be on-premises releases going forward, around the same rate that we’ve seen so far. And Microsoft will release servers.

I guess that means people need to start preparing for SharePoint 2016 after all and that clients can rest assured that there will be continued evolution.

Great work, Jeff! Please train the rest of your people to be like you are.


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5 thoughts on “Confirmed: There Will Be New On-Premises Versions of SharePoint”

  1. As you can imagine, this was a hot topic at the MVP Summit in Redmond last week, and while many still tried to parse words, you can’t get any more clear-cut than this. Yes, Virginia, there is another SharePoint server release.

      1. To be honest. I don’t think MS know half the time anymore. Thanks be to Jesus Steve Ballmer has gone – maybe now the company can start spending money on that little thing called “TESTING”. Over the past decade their code releases have been abismal. I’ve been working in IT for over 25 years and been on SharePoint since 2003. They arn’t making life any easier for developers….developers….developers.

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