Building the SharePoint User Experience launch competition

As you all know by know I am currently writing a new book on SharePoint, titled "Building the SharePoint User Experience". At least, you all know now, since I just told you.

In any case, I have just launched the first competition where you, as my loyal and devout readers, have decided that the grand prize should be a signed copy of my book, inscribed with whatever you like, delivered to your door as soon as the book is released.

You can still participate in the competition, but you need to sign up on the mailing list. Yeah, I know, I’m evil for forcing you to listen to me, but as a developer I have an ego the size of Texas and it needs fuel.

So, here’s what I got

A lot of information is sent first and sometimes only to the list, so if you want the full picture as soon as possible, this will be valuable for you. I will send updates, information, exclusive excerpts, and invitations to competitions. No spam, scout’s honor.

Here’s what you will get

You will get the chance to get the best darn SharePoint developer book yet (there’s that ego again), delivered to your door, completely free of charge. You have to answer a question to participate, but it’s really easy and doesn’t require any prior knowledge, just a brain and an opinion.

Here how to get it

Sign up to the Building the SharePoint User Experience mailing list here.

Entries must be submitted by Monday October 20th.

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