Brilliant SharePoint Administrator Wanted: USPJA Faculty Substitute

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Laura Docherty is a USPJA Faculty member and highly pregnant, due to give birth in just a month or so. As such, she’s taken a maternity leave from her faculty duties at the academy, and I need to find her temporary replacement.

Here’s the ad:

Wanted: USPJA Administrator Faculty Member

For temporary or permanent substitution, we are looking for a new USPJ Academy faculty member in the field of SharePoint administration. 

Job Description

USPJ Academy faculty members are highly skilled and experienced SharePoint professionals and trainers. Our focus is on providing the best quality training available online using our existing state-of-the-art e-learning platform.

A USPJA faculty member is responsible for facilitating online collaborative classes for students at USPJ Academy plus actively participating in the academy community. Course facilitation means working with existing course material and assist students in their learning goals in time-limited online classes. All activities happen online and asynchronously so no real-time participation is required in classes.

Faculty members will be trained in our operations and platform and are expected to adhere to our faculty and campus guidelines.

This job is a temporary replacement for another faculty member who is on maternity leave. However, for the right candidate, the position may become permanent. The position is vacant now so you should expect to being work quickly.

Expected work load is 10-15 hours per week, so you can work in other positions and for other employers as your time permits.


You will be responsible for facilitating collaborative classes using existing training material. This means you will be required to be regularly responding to student feedback in class, guide students that need further clarification (although not necessarily provide answers), as well as function as an overall mentor for the duration of the class. This includes providing or referencing additional training material for students who may need that.

You will not be responsible for creating course content, although you will have the opportunity to add or modify the course content as required. Suggestions for permanent changes to course content are welcomed.

You will also be required to actively participate in the academy community, primarily through the campus forums.

Finally, you must attend weekly, real-time faculty meetings, held each Monday at 1800 CET/CEST.


You are a highly skilled and probably recognized SharePoint administrator. Previous training experience, either in class-room or online environments, is a huge benefit, but not required.

Previous experience with e-learning solutions is a benefit, but not required. Community work, such as speaking engagements at local or national events is a benefit, but not required.

You must have documented experience with real-life projects.

You must speak and write English fluently.

You must be able to respond daily to students requests.

You must be available for weekly faculty meetings, Mondays at 1800 CET/CEST

USPJ Academy is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes all genders and nationalities.


All USPJA activities happen online, so you can work from wherever you are. Your application should include your local time zone, however.

Application Deadline

Please submit your application no later than December 31st, 2010. We reserve the right to end the deadline sooner if we find the right candidate.

We will contact any eligible candidates for an interview as soon as time permits.

For candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements, we thank you for your application, but we can not accept you.

Application Instructions

Please submit a resume and application document to in Microsoft Word, PDF, or ODF format, using the subject “Faculty Member Application”. You can also submit an application using our online application form.

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