Beginning SharePoint Development in Next USPJ Issue – What Are Your Concerns?

Time to look ahead, or perhaps even take a step back. A lot of readers have asked about where to start out if they want to be SharePoint developers. In fact, I even had to include a section on this in the BSUX book. Sadly, the audience for that book is not beginners at all, and the room I could make for answering that question there was rather limited.

So, instead, I’ll write a USP Journal issue on the topic, titled “Beginning SharePoint Development”. that issue is already underway, but to make sure I answer as many questions as possible, I’ll ask you what you want to learn.

The outline so far is as such, with chapter titles in bold, and a short description of the sections below:

Overview of SP Dev experience
* Ready, steady, go!
Getting you and your environment ready

* SharePoint as Birds See it
A visual walkthrough of the interface of SharePoint

* The Structure of SharePoint
A deeper dive into the SharePoint architecture

* SharePoint Development Scenarios
Practical examples of SharePoint development projects

Core concepts
* The straw that brought the CAML back
Understanding CAML and its role in SharePoint development

* SharePoint Object Model principals
Introducing the SharePoint Object Model and common patterns for OM work

* Featuring the framework
SharePoint feature framework explained

Data Development
* Site for sore eyes
Detailed perspective on creating sites

* Lists of lists
Understanding SharePoint list development

* A Content Developer
Content types and their use in Business Scenarios

* Custom columns and field types
Overview of custom columns and field types

Visual stuff
* Yes Master!
Master pages and application pages basics

* WebParting ways
Learn to develop WebParts the SharePoint way

* You Must Delegate Control
A Walkthrough of DelegateControls and how they can be used to interact with a page

* Custom Actions
Modify the SharePoint menu experience

* Event Handlers
Catching events as they occur.

* SharePoint Workflows
Simple and quick solutions to basic workflow tasks


I’m not sure I’ll be able to cover all of these topics in a single issue, even if I focus on the introductory stuff, so this is why I need your feedback:

What is it you most want to learn about SharePoint development for beginners?

Leave a comment here or email me at furuknap<[at]> I’ll start the main push on Wednesday June 10, so feel free to leave feedback before then 🙂


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Bjørn Furuknap

I previously did SharePoint. These days, I try new things to see where I can find the passion. If you have great ideas, cool projects, or is in general an awesome person, get in touch and we might find out together.

10 thoughts on “Beginning SharePoint Development in Next USPJ Issue – What Are Your Concerns?”

  1. Hi Bjorn,

    I would consider the following key to learn when beginning SharePoint development:

    * Ready, steady, go!
    * SharePoint as Birds See it

    All of the "Core Concepts"

    * Lists of lists
    * A Content Developer

    All of the "Visual Stuff"

    Probably still too much for a single issue 🙂



  2. What about creating WSP files. There is alot of info on the web about doing this but not one of the gives step by step on how to go from nothing to an deployed solution.

  3. Raj:

    If you are thinking about field controls as in MOSS publishing pages, then I'm afraid that is somewhat outside the scope here.

    The journal issues focus on SharePoint, not MOSS, and as field controls require MOSS, I don't think that would really add value.



  4. I have subscribed and bought Issue 4 on Workflows. Very interesting and well done.
    If you are looking at SharePoint Development for beginners, etc may I suggest your development environment to includes multiple email accounts so that security, seetings, permissions and workflow can be visualised much easier during a demo presentation.

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