Authoring more articles in SharePoint Magazine

For some strange and unknown reason, SharePoint MVP Arno Nel at SharePoint Magazine seemed to like my last article on modifying components at runtime. He asked me to write a new series of articles for the Magazine and of course I could do nothing but accept such a request.

So, for the next few weeks, most of my attention will be on writing those articles. That’s not to say I will stop publishing articles and interesting stuff here, just that I will be doubling my efforts in the next few weeks. If you like my stuff then that’s double the benefit for you, and if you hate my stuff then twice the agony.

Life is so much better for those who like my stuff…

Tomorrow, or possibly today if I can work like a mad dog all day, I will publish the last article in the Automating business processes in SharePoint article series that so far has covered SharePoint Designer workflows as well as SharePoint Event handlers.

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