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Why SharePoint Professionals Are So Bad

Someone asked on Facebook: “SharePoint Peeps. (primarily consulting) I have been doing an increasing number of interactions with the trusted SharePoint admin at a variety of customers. Maybe I am just being negative but. I am seeing a disturbing trend of a lack of real "expertise" in this arena. Is this just me, or are […]

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Why I am Leaving SharePoint and Why You Should Consider It Too

It’s no big secret that over the previous months, I’ve done less and less SharePoint related work. That is because I’m leaving SharePoint as a career and I’m here to tell you why. I’d like to start, however, by saying what are not the reasons I’m leaving SharePoint. It’s Not About SharePoint I’ve had heated […]

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In Memorandum: Georg Oscar Furuknap

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law! My father, Georg Oscar Furuknap, d.o.b. November 22, 1944, died this morning, on June 30, 2014. May he be granted the accomplishment of his will. I didn’t know my father recently and we haven’t spoken in more than a decade. We barely spent time […]

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