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Is SharePoint Free?

Why, yes it is! Provided, of course, that you use a very specific definition of “Free”, then yes, SharePoint is free. So why is there so much confusion about the cost of SharePoint? That’s because SharePoint isn’t just SharePoint and because Microsoft is great at getting you to buy their stuff. The Cost of SharePoint [...]

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The Big Secret to Being Interviewed for a SharePoint Position

It can seem like a daunting event. You’ve spent months looking for the perfect job, then probably days or weeks perfecting your resume and your application, and you’ve been nervous about the response for a long time too. Then, you get the call, or email, or text, saying that the company would like you to [...]

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I Have Uninstalled SharePoint for Good

C’mon, you’re not falling for that again, are you? Do you use cloud VMs for your development? Would you like to? I uninstalled my last local SharePoint machine about four years ago. That’s right, I don’t have SharePoint locally installed and haven’t had for years. Instead, I use EC2 to host my SharePoint labs. It’s [...]

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