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The Big Secret to Being Interviewed for a SharePoint Position

It can seem like a daunting event. You’ve spent months looking for the perfect job, then probably days or weeks perfecting your resume and your application, and you’ve been nervous about the response for a long time too. Then, you get the call, or email, or text, saying that the company would like you to [...]

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I Have Uninstalled SharePoint for Good

C’mon, you’re not falling for that again, are you? Do you use cloud VMs for your development? Would you like to? I uninstalled my last local SharePoint machine about four years ago. That’s right, I don’t have SharePoint locally installed and haven’t had for years. Instead, I use EC2 to host my SharePoint labs. It’s [...]

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Microsoft: Help Spread the Word that SharePoint On-Premises is NOT Dead

There’s been this rumor lately that SharePoint on-premises is dead. It is not, and I’ve told you so before, so you’re kinda stupid if you still think so. Anything I say is always correct. Just live with it. Don’t want to take my word for it? Fine, I’ll show you evidence, but first, let me [...]

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