Are You a Sinner?

A few months back, I created a framework called SP SIN, which allows you to inject code like JavaScript or CSS into any SharePoint page without modifying the master pages. The SIN part of the name stands for Script/Style INjector.

Modifying master pages may seem like a trivial task, but there are many and inherently bad consequences of doing so. For example, you need to customize the master page which breaks the link to the deployed master page, which in turn complicates things like upgrading or global modifications to master pages.

SP SIN solves this and many other problems. For example, I’ve built a resource type that allows you to add Google Analytics to your SharePoint pages with just a few clicks. I’ve described how to build SEO plugins to add metadata to pages, showing content, scripts, or style sheets to site owners only, and so on.

SP SIN is a free framework, available on CodePlex (along with many videos that show how it works), and feedback from users has so far been pretty amazing.

One aspect of SP SIN is that it is built to be incredibly flexible and extensible. Even if you’re not a developer, you can still build and redeploy SP SIN configuration packages, and if you are a developer, especially a third tier developer, then your options for extension are vast, to put it mildly.

I’ve even built a proof-of-concept for an App store, that works across all versions of SharePoint (back to SharePoint 2007) in SP SIN.

Here’s where this may interest you as a reader of USP Journal. I’ve wanted to write an issue, maybe more, on SP SIN ever since I created it, but I need your feedback on the type of issue.

Should I write for end users who just want to put SP SIN to use without focusing on any development or extensibility points? Should I target middle tier developers who may not want to or be able to build WSP solutions? Should I go deep down and talk about building custom SP SIN resource types and SIN CYCLE receivers? Should I explain the inner workings in an SP SIN Explained type issue?

Here’s what I want you to do.

Head over to the SP SIN homepage.
There’s a brief intro video on the front page that shows and explains the outline of how SP SIN works. Next, review three videos (or not, if you don’t have time) that explains the various extensibility options.

Custom SP SIN Resource Types

Configuration Packages

SIN Cycle Overview

If you don’t have time to review all the videos, there are also separate articles describing the approaches on the home page. Check out the Documentation section on the home page for more info.

Finally, let me know, either by email, comment on the home page, hitting me up on Facebook, comment or videos, or whatever, what you would like to learn about SP SIN.

furuknap<[at]> for comments and suggestions 🙂


PS: Of course, if you like what you see, you should download SP SIN and start exploring too. It’s free, open-source, and I think it’s absolutely fantastic (I may be biased) 🙂

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