Announcing the Understanding SharePoint Journal

After last weekend’s article on finding number of users currently logged in I mentioned I was going to expand the idea a bit, and perhaps write an eBook on the topic.

I lied. I didn’t expand the idea a bit, I went full-blown, mentally insane, overboard and launched a completely new SharePoint e-journal.

Here’s the complete truth:

Next Monday, February 23rd 2009, will mark the launch of Understanding SharePoint Journal, a periodical focusing on teaching SharePoint from a task-oriented perspective.

The first issue deals with a new project I put up on CodePlex, called SPCurrentUsers. In short, SPCurrentUsers is an expanded version of the solution I explained in the last article and has a few extra goodies:

  • Current usage logging
  • Page- and URL-specific settings for session timeouts with configurable default timeout
  • Real-time reporting on Site Actions menu
  • Page-by-page listing of current site usage
  • Utilizes SharePoint technologies where possible

SPCurrentUsers uses only supportable methods for extending the functionality of SharePoint and does not modify any default features or files in SharePoint. (source: CodePlex)

The first issue Understanding SharePoint Journal explains in detail how the solution was made and elaborates on the technologies used in the solution. USP Journal Volume 1 – Issue 1 deals with:

  • DelegateControls
  • CustomActions, both CAML based and Assembly based
  • Custom application pages in SharePoint
  • List deployment and column manipulation
  • Solution setup using SharePoint event handlers

Subtopics include:

  • Querying list data in SharePoint
  • Extending the User Information List
  • Using WSPBuilder to speed up development time
  • Feature activation and deactivation through code.

There is also a free preview available on the site where you can read the first 15 pages. The issue has a total of 60 pages smacked full of SharePoint developer training, all for around $15.

You can also sign up for the mailing list to receive special offers, discounts, and previews of upcoming issues.

I do hope you like this new idea and that you will like the journal.


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2 thoughts on “Announcing the Understanding SharePoint Journal”

  1. $14.95 is per issue. I don’t have any subscription on USP Journal. I don’t want to force people to subscribe to anything, but instead allow them the freedom to pay only for the content they want.

    More of an ala carte than a fixed menu, so to speak 🙂


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