4 SharePoint Warnings That Can Save Your Life

I happened upon one of those images showing a really weird warning, saying ‘Caution: This sign has sharp edges’. I’m sure you have seen it, it not, just Google it.

Anyway, I thought about this, and came up with a list of warnings that Microsoft should have placed on the SharePoint download site. Or pop up during installation. Or sumthin…

Warning: Heeding these warnings may lead to SharePoint success. Void where prohibited by law. Batteries not included.

Let’s get started.

1. Some assembly required.

Although Microsoft sometimes thinks so (or at least tells its potential customers so) SharePoint is not a product, any more than a box of tools is a house. Be prepared to get your hands dirty building most of what you need yourself.

2. SharePoint, while fun, should not be used as a flotation device.

SharePoint will not fix your organizational problems. SharePoint is a powerful technology, but if your organization is more of a disorganization, SharePoint will likely not help keep you afloat.

3. SharePoint teams may contain nuts.

When starting a new SharePoint project, don’t include just the technocrats and geeks in the team. Utilize people from the entire organization, including those wackos who do not believe SharePoint will create peace in the Middle East, cure cancer, or get you a date with Denise Richards or [insert your favorite actor/actress here].

For SharePoint to be successful, users are the key element; without user adoption, most SharePoint installations are as useful as square wheels.

4. Extended use of SharePoint may cause dizziness. If affected, do not operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle.

SharePoint, being as versatile as it is, may cause your head to spin from all the possibilities. However, fear the feature creep in which you want to include more and more in your solution, and end up never finishing anything. I know you want everything in the world, but come one… Where would you put it?


So, what other warnings should Microsoft have put on SharePoint?


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6 thoughts on “4 SharePoint Warnings That Can Save Your Life”

  1. "Warning, upgrades in SharePoint are closer than they appear"

    So don't modify out of the box files as your app will break next time an upgrade or service pack comes round…

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