For the love of VMware…

I must confess that I love my new computer. Knowing that starting a new company would require some major ‘work-at-home-in-the-beginning’ I granted myself a wish I have had for many years. I bought my first computer.

No, honestly, this is my first computer. I have never owned my own computer. They have always been the property of thecompanies for which I have worked. Granted I did get a home computer once, but that was a lease agreement with my job, and not mine per se.

So I bought one, a real monster. Quadcore (Intel of course), 8 Gb RAM, 6×500 Gb Sata drives, and a nice graphics adapter. It is built solely to be able to power massive amounts of virtual machines.

Now, today I found out how massive that amount can be. On a day-to-day basis I run at least 6 computers on my physical machine. One DC, a file server, a Sharepoint lab server, my own workstation and a workstation for my GF as well as whatever server I am currently setting up or configuring.

The day before the christmas holidays set in I found out that a customer needed to set up a new Sharepoint environment, built to scale and with a simple AD. Getting a decent form of access to those servers proved to take longer than building Rome so we decided t do the whole thing virtual.

By last night I had all the servers set up and with a basic install of patches, roles etc. I am now, currently, running 10 virtual computers on my home computer, with a total memory requirement of about 12 Gb, and my machine is as smooth as a baby’s sitting tool.

Adn I was thinking, ‘well, if it can handle 10 servers, can it handle bioshock on top?’ I should have known better. This is what happened:
– Start bioshock.
– Get annoying message about CD not in drive
– Insert CD
– Scream, realizing that all the new servers were set up to use the physical CD as source for the virtual CD.
– Watch, in horror, as 5 ‘install bioshock now’ dialog boxes grinds my CD to what must be the virtual equivalent of dust.
– Disconnect the physical drive from the virtual ones.
– Start bioshock on physical computer
– Be amazed at a continued great (or at least playable) framerate.

Of course, I am too easily scared to play bioshock on my own.

It did work, though. Gotta love VMware. 10 computers. 12 Gb. I am still in awe…

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