The Cross in the Road

Dear world,

I’m writing to you because you are standing at a point in your history where you need to make a choice. It is an important choice, one that will forever define humanity and one that will linger in the history books for centuries and millennia.

The road forward is divided into several paths, each with its own opportunities and challenges. Each path is fraught with peril and infinite potential for reward. Sadly, none of us, least of all our politicians, know what each path brings.

You see, the entire planet walks along only one path. There aren’t two paths in which one of them, for example, Germany stood up to Hitler and threw him out of office while on the other path the Germans cheered him on and let him rise to power. Our parents and grandparents took only one path.

Together, we are on a single path and the choices we make are what will define who we are. I don’t care about the children or the elderly or the Jews or the Muslims or right-wing or left-wing, terrorist or freedom fighter. To me, you are all part of this wonderful universe of mine, in which each and every one of you, regardless of race, creed, gender, color, or conviction plays a part in making history into this one beautiful path.

Please, as you now stand and ponder where to go: Take time off whatever else you are doing. Ask your boss for a day off. Postpone that holiday shopping until tomorrow. Spend one day to learn about what is going on in the world.

Listen to facts, not opinion.

Listen to scientists, not politicians.

Listen to history, not predictions.

Decide what you want your grandchildren to hear about you, or the neighbor’s grandchildren. Decide how you want to be remembered on this day when we stand at a crossroads, ready to bring humanity forward. You have a chance now and what you decide will forever shape this planet for good or bad.

Tomorrow, someone may have made the choice for you.

Thank you.


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