New Free USP Journal Issue – Becoming a SharePoint Professional

It turns out, I’m an idiot. I made another mistake. Make sure you write down where you were, your grandchildren will ask you about this.

I announced earlier that I was going to publish a brand new USP Journal issue and that it would be free, thanks to some awesome sponsors. In fact, they’re so awesome, I’m going to break one of my cardinal rules and link to them in editorial content right here:

The issue, and I’ll tell you where to get it in a moment, is a compilation and slight rewrite of several articles I’ve published in this blog previously that deals with that it takes to be or become a SharePoint professional. You’ll learn about the various disciplines, how to approach and interact with the community, how to land a good SharePoint job, and so on.

I sent out the link to the site to the USP Journal newsletter this morning, but like the idiot I have now shown that I am, I managed to send out the wrong link. I was lazy when I checked it and just typed it into my address bar, seeing that it was indeed a site I had visited before. Had I actually hit Enter I would have seen that it was the wrong site.

By a freak stroke of luck, though, the site I sent out wasn’t a scam site at all, but instead an actual and very related site from another community member. I guess it’s not a huge disaster, but I managed to get a new update out fairly quickly.

So, now that you have my full confession of my stupidity, let me give you the right URL.

There’s no registration, no hoops to go through, it’s just a huge button there that says Download Now! Click that and the book is yours, thanks to the aforementioned sponsors.

If you’ve read down to here, though, I’d like to ask you a favor. Help me spread the word about this issue by sending that link to whoever you like. Send an email to colleagues, friends, user groups, or anyone that would benefit from learning more about what it takes to become a SharePoint professional. Send it to your family so they can better understand what it is you are doing. Share the link on Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, or wherever you are socially active.

If you’re not comfortable sending the link, send the actual issue. It is free, distributed under a Creative Commons license, so you’re allowed to do that.

The reason I’m asking about this is that the sponsors are obviously looking to see if sponsoring USP Journal will give them any return. The more people read that book, the more people will likely visit them, and the more likely they are to sponsor future issues as well.

In turn, this means that I can more easily create new USP Journal issues for you that you can also get for free, so you are actually helping yourself as well. That’s what I call win-win-win.

Thanks again to the sponsors; thank you for downloading and reading, and thanks, as always, to the great SharePoint community that makes all of this possible.


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