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Want to Learn SharePoint? Let Me Mentor You!

I love learning and sharing what I learn. I love this so much, I started a SharePoint university, I’ve written 20 books on SharePoint, recorded close to 150 hours of lectures, and I’ve conducted countless training sessions when I’m working for consulting clients. Now I want to turn my attention to you. What, Me Personally? […]

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SharePoint Version Hype – Just Say No

SPTechWeb reported that 40% of companies say they are still using SharePoint versions that predate SharePoint 2010. This number, retrieved from a survey during the 2013 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, came from asking 125 SharePoint professionals, so it’s not just left-behind, back-alley organizations that had their say. Are you surprised to hear that so […]

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SharePoint Developers, What’s Your Users’ Efficiency?

I’ve made it a goal of mine to get SharePoint developers to think more about the user experience of their solutions. By this, I mean not just the user interface, but the way the solutions behave, ‘feel’, and perform. And by performance, I don’t necessarily mean technical performance. Read on and I’ll explain what I […]

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