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Become a SharePoint Professional – Key Questions to Ask Part 3 : How Do I Become A True SharePoint Expert?

You want to become a true SharePoint expert? I’ll tell you how in three simple steps. Oh, and I said simple, not easy. If you have half a brain, you’ll realize that ‘simple’ may not mean ‘easy’, nor that there is any secret formula that you’ll learn over the next few paragraphs. Become a Word-Class […]

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Are You a SharePoint Developer Moving to Apps? You’re a Moron!

I was briefly part of a discussion on SPYam where Michal Pisarek mentioned he’d been talking to some iOS people coming to SharePoint and loving the new App model in SP2013. His question was whether existing SharePoint developers were falling behind by not adopting the new model. I say no. In fact, I say that […]

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SharePoint Content Types – A Modest Perspective

This article is the introduction to the USP Journal issue Developing SharePoint Content Types, the second edition updated for SharePoint 2010 (currently in production). If you want to be informed of upcoming issues, sign up for the USP Journal newsletter at Let me make one thing absolutely clear. If Chuck Norris was a SharePoint […]

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