Are You A Designer? Want to Help Me Build the SP SIN Store Layout?

After another couple of weeks of client work, including running my first production site running SP SIN with significant benefits, it’s time again to come back to some further progressing of the SP SIN framework.

As you may know if you’ve read my previous post, I’m in the process of developing a real open marketplace and App store for SharePoint. That process has been paused for a few weeks while I’ve been trying to make a living, but now I’d like to pick it up again.

The current status of the project is that I have a fairly complete SharePoint store that does what I want, more or less, and is extensible enough to allow future refinement. Although I’ve done far more work since I recorded this video, you can check the preview of the functionality in this video:

Now I need to make it easy for people to upload their solutions into the store, as described in the initial blog post. To accomplish this, I’ve started to develop an ASP.NET MVC solution to be the front end for adding solutions to the store. This will be the public web site whose primary purpose is for solution developers to upload and manage their solutions, but will also be a store front for end users to see more information about specific solutions, to rate and review solutions, submit bug reports, and so on.

I’ll manage all the programming bits, but I need your help because I simply suck, long and hard, when it comes to layout and design.

So, if you are a designer, and you have some time on your hand that you want to donate to make a great new service for the SharePoint community, I need your help. If you’ve worked with Razor before, that’ll save me some time, but as long as you’re skilled with HTML, have a keen eye for design, and preferably have enough experience to provide some input on the user experience, that will suffice.

The catch, of course, is that I cannot pay you. I’m doing this as a personal project and I don’t intend to make a dime on any of this so I don’t have any dimes to give out either (and no, I’m not working enough as a SharePoint consultant to be rich). However, for your efforts, you will be fully credited on the store web page with a prominent placement on the About page and with my thanks and warm mentions as a great contributor to a free and open SharePoint marketplace.

So, you think you’re up for it? If so, send me an email (furuknap at or comment below. Feel free to include an example of your previous work and a few words about yourself.


PS: If you have questions, you can use the above email address as well, and if your questions may be interesting to others, I’ll update this post with the response.

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