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SP SIN Questions – Tips on Controlling Performance of SP SIN

As I mentioned in a previous post on why SP SIN is web scoped, Chris Quick asked me a couple of questions over at SPYAM regarding SP SIN and I wanted to elaborate more on the answers. Chris’ second question is: 2. I don’t see any data caching in the solution. How will this perform […]

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SP SIN Questions – Scope, My Evil Plan, and How You Can Become Filthy Rich!

I continue to receive comments and feedback on SP SIN, and it’s very positive so far. If you have questions, comments, feedback, success stories, bugs, hate, or anything, feel free to let me know. One set of questions I would like to mention specifically came from Chris Quick on SPYam. With his permission, I’m reposting […]

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Why SharePoint Needs An Open Marketplace – And What I Intend To Do About It!

Over nine random days the past couple of weeks (SP SIN just reached build 9, which is the RTM build for version 1.2) I’ve been tinkering with SP SIN, a new framework for injecting stuff into SharePoint pages. Which is fine, I’m sure you can read my other blog posts on the topic if you […]

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