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Introducing SP SIN – Free Solution to Assist SharePoint Designers, Script Editors, and Developers

I had the need for a short break from SP2013 research this week and spent that time building a new solution that I thought I’d share with you, called SP SIN. SP SIN is a highly extensible solution for injecting script, style sheets, or technically anything you like, into a SharePoint page without having to […]

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Microsoft’s Mixed Messaging on SharePoint 2013

Microsoft has an identity crisis with SharePoint 2013. They say one thing and does the exact opposite, only to switch sides a few minutes later. I am, of course, talking about the development experience of SharePoint 2013. Not necessarily the hard-core stuff, but how they approach any development in general. Before you dismiss this as […]

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SharePoint Education – Installing and Configuring

Before the public beta of SharePoint 2013, I and others, speculated about the introduction of an entirely new component in SharePoint called SharePoint Education. In fact, I wrote two blog posts about what I found on SharePoint Education in the protocol documentation, which, frankly, wasn’t all that much. So, when the first public beta of […]

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