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Windows Azure Workflow Only in SharePoint Server 2013

This is a good news/bad news post, and I’ll make the choice for you, the good news comes first. I was researching a claim made by several people (*armpfhMVPscough*) about the impossibility of installing Windows Azure Workflow (WAW) on a domain controller. This caused at least a bit of an outrage because people were told […]

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What’s Your Name?

Recently, I’ve been engaging in several debates that focus on finding and defining names and titles for things or concepts. For some reason, people seem to feel they need to name something to understand it, whether it is a bird flying over their heads, the title they can use for their work, or well-understood concepts […]

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Become a SharePoint Professional – Understanding The Architect Role

One of the most misunderstood career paths in SharePoint is that of the architect. These roles retain some of their mystery because people do not understand them well but perhaps also because the title “Architect” in other fields is often considered a higher status profession. The confusion seems to stem from many developers or administrators […]

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