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Become a SharePoint Professional – Community Involvement

This article is part of an ongoing series on what it takes to become a SharePoint professional. In the first part, I discussed discipline, as in area of work, not as in mental or physical discipline. Yes, I realize both are important, and I’ll talk to that later in the series. In this part, however, […]

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Become a SharePoint Professional – Key Questions to Ask Part 1: Discipline

So… You want to start out on a career as a SharePoint professional, do you? Well, I have some thoughts for you that you might want to read. First of all, welcome. If you stick with the program (and really, there isn’t any), you’ll have a great time. You’ll probably become part of one of […]

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Welcome To SharePoint 2013! (Warranty Void If Opened)

I’m a huge proponent of using SharePoint as a platform rather than as a product. By that, I mean that you should use SharePoint to build what you need, rather than limit your usage to what Microsoft has given you. That’s now apparently coming to a full stop if we are to believe Jeff Teper, […]

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