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How Microsoft’s Secrecy Policy is Hurting the SharePoint Community

You may have heard that there’s a ton of new software from Microsoft on the near horizon.  Windows 8, Office 2013, SharePoint 2013, and pretty much anything on which you can slap 2013 will come out in the very near future. (Update: Not so much near future anymore) You may also have heard that I’m […]

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SharePoint Education: Features Detail

As part of my research into the SharePoint Protocol documentation, I’ve been particularly keen on learning about a major new feature of SharePoint 2013, namely SharePoint Education. In my ongoing USP Journal subscription series called SharePoint 2013 Beta ($14.95 for the entire series) I posted some initial findings on the SharePoint Education component for the […]

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Minimal Download Strategy in SharePoint 2013

A while back I tweeted briefly that I found something called Minimal Download Strategy framework in the SharePoint 2013 protocol documentation. Needless to say, I wanted to figure out what it is, so I researched a bit and wrote about it in the second issue of the SharePoint 2013 Beta series. Here’s what I wrote: […]

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