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SharePoint 2013 SDK is Out!

To all those who are looking to keep on top of the latest and greatest, well, here’s some good news for you. Microsoft just today released a preliminary SDK for SharePoint 15, called the SharePoint 15 Technical Preview Managed Object Model Software Development Kit. That’s right, campers, we’re ready to start consuming information about SharePoint […]

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What’s Wrong with the SharePoint Community?

Over the previous months, I’ve been both reading and hearing multiple comments about how the SharePoint community is going down the drain. I have some thoughts on the subject I’d like to share with you. Now, if you drink the Kool-Aid, you know that for several years, the SharePoint community has been a great place […]

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Formal and Informal Learning

It may come as a surprise to you, but formal learning isn’t the way most people learn today. It never has, which is why it is so strange that so much of our evaluation of others depend on their formal learning background. Wait! Hang on, what is formal learning? Why is it not good, and, […]

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