Are you a #SharePoint #jobs Recruiter? Contact Me, I Got an Idea for You!

No, I don’t need a job, but hear me out, I may be able to help you recruit SharePoint developers.

If you’re in the SharePoint recruiting business these days, you’re shit out of luck. Or actually, if you’ve been in the SharePoint recruitment business and are still here, you may be very lucky. With the amount of resources requested and the extreme scarcity of skilled SharePoint resources available, the fight for every single employee is hardening, and luck may be your best competitive advantage.

I wrote about this briefly in the Dean’s Corner over at SharePoint Magazine a while back. At the time, even if you offered employees over $150K, you still had to compete with 35 other companies willing to pay that amount to get skilled SharePoint people.

So, what’s the alternative? I have an idea, one that may make it more likely that you can fill those spots that your clients have. In short, I’ll train the people you recruit so that they can get those jobs and get trained to do exactly what the company needs. It’s a simple, yet elegant approach that can put the perfect employee into an organization, and you’ll get the credit.

Want to learn more? Well, I have a presentation ready that will explain the idea, but because I’d like to limit exposure initially, I want you to contact me if you:

  1. are a professional SharePoint recruiter,
  2. have current clients looking for SharePoint developers,
  3. have previous experience recruiting SharePoint developers, and
  4. want to think innovatively to solve your clients’ needs

If you can answer Yes to all the above, fill in the form below and I’ll send you the presentation and we’ll take it from there.

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