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Speaking at SPTechCon: Why is SharePoint Development So Damn Hard?

I’ll be speaking at SPTechCon in June (June 3rd, at way too early in the morning, aka 8:15 AM). Now you know, so you have yet another reason to attend, or stay away, depending on your attitude What is probably going to be a bit more interesting is the topic, and I’d like to prepare […]

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Learning SharePoint at USPJA. Part 3: Our Philosophy

I was going through the USPJA web pages and noticed that we hadn’t really focused enough on what our ideas are. As such, I wrote a new page containing an overview of our ideas, and thought it would make sense to post those ideas here as well. As I have mentioned previously in this series, […]

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SharePoint is Like Sex – The Top 11 Reasons

Here’s why: You do it best with someone you trust and know intimately, but it can ruin a good friendship if the result is bad. The more experience you get, the better the result becomes. You can hire a professional do to it with you, but it’s usually very expensive and less than satisfactory. If […]

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