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Attention Aspiring SharePoint Bloggers: Shut Up!

Let me make this clear right from the start. If you are a SharePoint person looking to join the awesome SharePoint blogging community, chances are you’ll fall into every single pitfall there is. So, before you head over to and sign up for a new ‘Everything there is to know about SharePoint’ blog, shut […]

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How to Save Money by Replacing Your Toolbox With a Nail – In Support of WordPress as a CMS

Joseff Betancourt posted an article the other day on how to save money by replacing SharePoint with WordPress. Sadly, the comment system at the CTOEdge site didn’t work at the time, so I couldn’t post a response there. So, here it is: Joseff, I’m sure you’re a great guy and everything, but apparently you know […]

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Enabling Declarative Workflows for Anonymous Users in SP2010/2007

Christophe asked a question about how to allow anonymous users to start workflows in SharePoint 2010. The question spread on both Twitter and SharePointOverflow before I had a chance to answer directly, so I’m posting the response here rather than trying to chase all the locations By default, anonymous access to run declarative workflows are […]

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