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SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Issue Out

Phew… USP Journal issue 2/2 is out. I announced the plans to write a journal issue on SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows back in February and started working on it at the same time. I had originally intended to use this announcement blog post to complain and moan about how long it took, how hard I’ve […]

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SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Video Bonanza

Although it’s been far too seldom, I haven’t stopped writing USP Journal issues. Actually, I’ve been writing on several issues over the last few months, but most of my time has gone into getting USPJ Academy up and running. The next issue, Volume 2, issue 2, on SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows, is due out next […]

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USPJA Publishing: Why We’ll Make A Difference

You may know that the team behind USPJ Academy recently announced that we’ve started a new venture by the name of USPJA Publishing. That may not be the final name, btw, but it’s at least a working title and the name of the company. So, do we need yet another publisher in this market? Hell, […]

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