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The Biggest ‘Wow’ Factors of SharePoint – The Almost – And The Plague

One of my clients asked how I would approach a new project where I had to ‘sell’ SharePoint. In short, I don’t ‘sell’ SharePoint, with or without apostrophes, but if presented properly, SharePoint will largely sell itself. As such, I’ve compiled three lists of features that are important to have in mind when presenting SharePoint […]

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System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The Web application could not be found – Part #1

Well, it’s right there, isn’t it? *points finger* First of all, this is not a developer’s post. This is general troubleshooting, useful for administrators as well. For non-developers reading this: Here’s a brief intro to the simplest things you can possibly do in SharePoint programming and that is connecting to a site. You’d do that […]

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