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USPJ Academy Inauguration May 31st – Open for All!

I’m not even going to mention what I’ve been doing – you’ve heard plenty of times already. I’ll get back to serious blogging once time permits, however. However, one thing, if you’re at all serious about learning SharePoint… Today is the official inauguration of USPJ Academy. We’ve decided to make the event public, so all […]

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Out-of-the-Box in SharePoint – Part 2

So, the pot got stirred last time I posted on this topic, and I’ve been promising an update to several people. Now that we got the final pieces of the USPJ Academy platform in place, I can get back to doing less critical stuff. Not that I don’t think blogging is important, it’s just that […]

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My ErgoGroup Experience – How to Lose 60% of Your Salary

I’ll tell you the answer to the last question right away – start working for ErgoGroup in Norway. I did, last summer, and I was screwed for 60% of my promised salary. Here’s what happened. My wife and I had a great apartment that we loved very much but we were only renting. So, when […]

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