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SharePoint 2010 Developer Training – Now or Never?

A little while ago, I posted an article on whether SharePoint development will boom or not. My conclusion is that, yes, SharePoint development will boom. In fact, it will boom so loud that it may very well take the attention away from many other platforms for enterprise collaboration and web development. Microsoft predicts that there […]

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SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Locations

Much for my own reference, here is a list of default Ribbon location values in SharePoint 2010 Beta 2. Remember to append .Controls._children to the end of each, and use CommandUI.Ribbon as the location for the CustomAction. Ribbon.BDCAdmin.ActionManagement Ribbon.BDCAdmin.ApplicationManagement Ribbon.BDCAdmin.ApplicationModelManagement Ribbon.BDCAdmin.PermissionManagement Ribbon.BDCAdmin.ViewManagement Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Actions Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Aggregation Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.CustomViews Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Expander Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Scope Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Selector Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Settings Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Share Ribbon.Calendar.Events.Manage Ribbon.Calendar.Events.New Ribbon.Calendar.Events.Publishing Ribbon.Calendar.Events.Share Ribbon.Calendar.Events.Workflow […]

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Will SharePoint Development Boom?

ChannelWeb recently speculated that SharePoint development will boom in 2010. They say that, contrary to previous versions, SharePoint development is now as easy as eating pie, and that this will boost the number of SharePoint developers. They are wrong. However, before you fire your SharePoint development tutor, they are not wrong in their predictions, but […]

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