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I’m Back!

First, a note to all previously NDA-clad MVPs, TAP customers, and others who had SP2010 access, but couldn’t utter a word: You have my deepest and sincerest respect for your incredible self discipline. Staying mute for a week has given me a glimpse into what you have endured for several months. Congratulations. Now, however, the […]

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Yes, I Will Keep Quiet

You may wonder why I’m not flooding the blogosphere with content about SharePoint 2010. I won’t. In fact, I’m going to keep my blog very quiet this week. You see, for the past months, due to a slip from Microsoft, I’ve had legal and non-NDA access to SharePoint 2010. That’s why I’ve already posted a […]

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SharePoint Sucks – And Here’s Why I Still Love SharePoint (AKA Part 4)

Have You Lost Your Mind? OK, so by now, most readers, especially those who know me or are regular readers of this blog, probably wonders if I’ve gone complete over the edge. Why would I bash the product I spend so much time using? Are all my previous posts about how cool SharePoint can be […]

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