SharePoint Governance from the Gurus

I just heard this from my friend Paul Culmsee: Paul and some of the other SharePoint governance gurus will be holding a three-day workshop just prior to the SharePoint Best Practices conference in Washington.

Now, I’ve known Paul for quite some time, in fact, it was his excellent series on master pages in SharePoint that inspired me to start writing SharePoint stuff online. what I particularly like about his writing is the way he manages to clearly convey complex messages in easy to understand language. Anyone who ever wrote anything aimed at teaching someone something will know that such a style demands an incredible understanding of the subject matter. Any writer should aspire to reach his level of skill and ability to explain a topic.

I have no doubt in my mind that his SharePoint governance workshop will have the same clarity and that anyone attending will gain immense value. And that would just be if Paul did this by himself.

But wait, there’s more!

Paul will be accompanied by three other masterminds as well, namely Dux Raymond Sy, Andrew Woodward, and Ruven Gotz. So, for the price of one guru, you actually get four. If you’re attending the SharePoint Best Practices conference, you’ll even get a discount, but you can read all about that on Paul’s introduction to their SharePoint Governance Mentoring workshop.

Sadly, I wont be able to be there myself, but I hope to get the chance at a later point.


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