Beginning SharePoint Development in Next USPJ Issue – What Are Your Concerns?

Time to look ahead, or perhaps even take a step back. A lot of readers have asked about where to start out if they want to be SharePoint developers. In fact, I even had to include a section on this in the BSUX book. Sadly, the audience for that book is not beginners at all, and the room I could make for answering that question there was rather limited.

So, instead, I’ll write a USP Journal issue on the topic, titled “Beginning SharePoint Development”. that issue is already underway, but to make sure I answer as many questions as possible, I’ll ask you what you want to learn.

The outline so far is as such, with chapter titles in bold, and a short description of the sections below:

Overview of SP Dev experience
* Ready, steady, go!
Getting you and your environment ready

* SharePoint as Birds See it
A visual walkthrough of the interface of SharePoint

* The Structure of SharePoint
A deeper dive into the SharePoint architecture

* SharePoint Development Scenarios
Practical examples of SharePoint development projects

Core concepts
* The straw that brought the CAML back
Understanding CAML and its role in SharePoint development

* SharePoint Object Model principals
Introducing the SharePoint Object Model and common patterns for OM work

* Featuring the framework
SharePoint feature framework explained

Data Development
* Site for sore eyes
Detailed perspective on creating sites

* Lists of lists
Understanding SharePoint list development

* A Content Developer
Content types and their use in Business Scenarios

* Custom columns and field types
Overview of custom columns and field types

Visual stuff
* Yes Master!
Master pages and application pages basics

* WebParting ways
Learn to develop WebParts the SharePoint way

* You Must Delegate Control
A Walkthrough of DelegateControls and how they can be used to interact with a page

* Custom Actions
Modify the SharePoint menu experience

* Event Handlers
Catching events as they occur.

* SharePoint Workflows
Simple and quick solutions to basic workflow tasks


I’m not sure I’ll be able to cover all of these topics in a single issue, even if I focus on the introductory stuff, so this is why I need your feedback:

What is it you most want to learn about SharePoint development for beginners?

Leave a comment here or email me at furuknap<[at]> I’ll start the main push on Wednesday June 10, so feel free to leave feedback before then 🙂


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A Meta-Discussion on the SharePoint Designer 2010 Post

I originally wanted to put this as a comment to my previous post on SharePoint Designer 2010, however, as should become apparent from this post, I would like to keep the meta discussion separate.

This was what I intended to respond to Mr. Sam Wilson who commented in the previous post in response to another post by MVP Bill Simser:

While I am fairly certain that Mr. Simser is well able to defend himself, I would like to point out that he is in fact correct about the piracy issue. Even though most people silently accepts piracy, probably including most of his friends, publicly declaring that one does so may be stupid.

There is a point to that as well, however, as within minutes of this post hitting the google #1 spot for "sharepoint designer 2010" people started complaining that I was disclosing NDA material, and that MSFT would have my NDA revoked for this and probably sue me.

However, as I then pointed out, I am not, nor will I ever be, under any NDA from Microsoft. I updated the post to reflect that rather than breaching any NDA I was, in fact, getting the bits from a plain old pirate site.

When I didn’t disclose the piracy stuff, everyone attacked me for disclosing NDA material. When I disclosed the piracy stuff, everyone attacked me for piracy.

Not one of the ‘insiders’ have bothered mentioning the content of the story, namely that SP 2010 is a requirement for a product that goes into preview in a couple of weeks.

So, Mr. Simser may very well be correct about his complaints. He can compare me to a car thief until the cows have come home, go out again, develop intelligence, and start a rebellion against people saying they are so slow at coming home.

What he does, however, is diverting attention of the point of the post, namely that it is likely that the code shipped to closed beta later this summer includes SharePoint 2010.

So, if you want to complain about the post, feel free to do so. You should also feel free to call me names, compare me to known criminals, mention my mother in foul language, or do whatever you feel is necessary to blow off you steam. However, I would appreciate it if you do that here so that we can maintain the topical discussion in the other post.

In the meantime, know that I really do appreciate both flame and praise alike, and I am thankful for your comment feedback.



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Nintex Workflow Review on SharePoint Magazine

Arno over at SharePoint Magazine just posted my new review of Nintex Workflow 2007. If you have even the slightest bit of interest in workflow, especially the non-code type, you should check that out.

Now, before you do, keep this in mind: I have been sponsored by Nintex to write the most recent USP Journal special issue. I’m making this very clear in the review, so you should apply at least a modest amount of skepticism to what I say there. I’m trying to be as unbiased as I can, and I am not keeping my mouth shut about anything I don’t like, but still, as long as there is money involved, you should be aware.

Check out the Nintex Workflow review and let me know what you think.

There are also instructions there for how you can get the free Nintex Workflow issue of USP Journal 🙂


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