YouTube Video Series Posted

As you’ll know if you follow my blog, I just announced that the next issue of Understanding SharePoint Journal will deal with beginning SharePoint development. You may also know that I have posted several videos on YouTube from that issue.

The video series is now complete and I just posted a final bonus video on how to recover a completely crashed SharePoint development environment, when even uninstall fails.

You can see the entire series on the USP Journal YouTube channel at


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Beginning SharePoint Development Video Part 1 Posted

So, in preparation for the next issue of Understanding SharePoint Journal, titled “Beginning SharePoint Development”, I have uploaded the first in a series of videos that will be part of the issue.

The first video deals with IIS setup as a preparation for installing SharePoint on a lab server. I’ll also show you how to set up ASP.NET so it is recognized by IIS as a web services extension.

Oh, and it’s available as HD as well. Had to try it, and so should you 🙂

Sadly, the next video, covering installation of SharePoint itself, spans more than 12 minutes, so no YouTube preview. If you have suggestions for free and simple video hosting that can do more than 10:59 minutes and doesn’t spam me to death, let me know, and I’ll post the next video there.

BTW, you can see the preliminary outline in my earlier post, titled Beginning SharePoint Development in Next USPJ Issue – What Are Your Concerns?


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Pocket Projector? I Got to Get Me One of These!

A friend just notified me about, well, something so not SharePoint-related as it can get, but still so cool that I just had to mention it. It’s the AITEK PocketCinema V10Plus Portable Projector with Media Recorder.


It’s a projector, no larger than my cell phone. Well, slightly larger, but still less than 5 inches, which would be just under 13 cm for those who use a proper system of measurement. Yeah, it’s still just 640×480, but it beats the crap out of looking at an iPod screen, and it seems incredibly useful for ad-hoc product demos or coffee-shop meetings.

I have one of these LED projector things already, and it’s quite small as well, but nothing as small as this.

And it’s less than $400! Sadly, Amazon doesn’t ship items like this to Norway, so I guess I’ll have to hope that some nice US citizen will agree to take it with them when they come to visit.

Please? I’ll buy you beer if you do.


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