SPTechCon: Updated Fast-track presentation

Hello again to all the participants of the “Fast Track to Feature Generation in SharePoint” presentation. Due to the timing issues I did some rework on that presentation to make it more efficient. I hope you all enjoyed the show anyway.

If you didn’t manage to attend, do not worry. I’ve decided to record the session as an online presentation and make that available to you. I will get back to the details at a later time.

The updated presentation is available here.


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SPTechCon: Solution from workshop

I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who participated at the workshop today. I’d also like to apologize for the timing issues. As I noted I actually rehearsed the presentation to last about 4 hours to leave plenty of time for questions and perhaps some exercises. However, I appreciate all the comments and feedback to far. I’ve made some changes to tomorrow’s program to make sure we’ll have more time.

In any case, as promised here is the solution we created live today. The file is downloadable here, as a zip file of about 470 kb. Remember, never put this in production, but otherwise, use it however you like. And, if you have comments, either on the presentation or on the solution, feel free to let me know, either as comments here or by email to furuknap<[at]>gmail.com. Remember to fill in those feedback forms on the conference as well.

Thanks again, hope to see you tomorrow,


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SPTechCon: My setup

So, the time has finally come for the premiere of my Mastering the Art of SharePoint User Experience Customization workshop. Tomorrow, Tuesday January 27th, at the Sharepoint Technology Conference I’ll hold a full-day workshop based on the upcoming book.

To support those who are attending, I’ll post my setup that I will be using during the show.


Dell Precision M4300 2,2 Ghz dual cpu laptop

4 Gb RAM

160 Gb 7200 RPM disk

I use two of these, one to host the lab and one to host my notes and cheat sheet. The rest of the setup relates to the lab computer. I’ll be using a virtual environment using VMware workstation, as such:

Virtual host setup:

Windows XP 32 bit

VMware Workstation 6.51 (trial version available)

3,2 Gb Memory reserved for VMware

Virtual guest setup:

2 Gb RAM

20+4 Gb disk, preallocated (system + pagefile)

Windows 2003 R2 std

Windows SharePoint Services 3 SP1 plus infrastructure update

Visual Studio 2005 (yeah, I know, but some people might not have upgraded)

SharePoint Manager 2007 (free software)

WSPBuilder with Visual Studio extensions (free software)

.NET reflector (free software)


Yeah, that should be it. If I forgot something I’ll let you know 🙂

See you all tomorrow. Or today, depending on when you read this. Or, you missed a great event if you’re reading this later than tomorrow. Or today… Well, you get the point.


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