Sahil Malik posted “Building the SharePoint User Experience” book review

As some of you may know Sahil Malik is the technical reviewer for my upcoming book “Building the SharePoint User Experience”. He recently wrote a review of the book in his blog, and all I can say is that, wow, I’m happy about what he writes.

Take a look at the review in his blog.

Now that the first revision of the book is nearing completion there will be a special event and announcement on the mailing list in early January, so make sure you have signed up to receive information when it happens.


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Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, or whatever you want to hear

My wife, Lena, and I do not subscribe to the shopping sprees of Christmas. We do not give presents to friends or family, nor do we desire any gifts from others.

Our gift is instead to donate the amount we would otherwise have spent on gifts to a charitable organization. This year we have spent out money on UNICEF and bought 100 blankets, 80 kg of high-energy biscuits, 200 measles vaccines, and a school-in-a-box, which is basically a portable set of school equipment. These gifts will be used in UNICEF’s work in the parts of the world where children need it the most.

We wish you all a merry season. May you experience peace and prosperity in the new year.


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Table of contents for “Building the SharePoint User Experience” posted

The table of contents for the Best SharePoint book ever has been posted exclusively to mailing list members. The table of contents contains titles and descriptions for all the 19 chapters that will be in the book.

In addition to the table of contents, members of the mailing list now has access to three exclusive excerpts:

Working with web parts in a site definition (from chapter 4)

This 3-page excerpt explains how you would add web parts to your site definition using the AllUsersWebPart element. In addition you will be shown how you get the actual web part code from an existing web part so that you can pre-configure settings to be included in the site definition web part.

(PDF, 4 pages)

DelegateControls (from chapter 5)

Modifying appearance and behavior of existing pages can be accomplished using DelegateControls. These controls allow you to put new controls and content into a pre-defined area of a page, such as the search box, various links, or, if you have created your own pages, anywhere you put a DelegateControl control. Learn how in this short excerpt.

(PDF, 3 pages)

A deep dive into Email-enabled lists (from chapter 7)

If you ever wanted to have an email enabled custom list you should understand how email works with lists. Then you would need to write a single line of code. This excerpt will explain and show you how email enabling works under the hood.

(PDF, 5 pages)

Of course, getting access to this content is as easy as signing up to the “Building the SharePoint User Experience” mailing list. Who knows, there might even be more content posted later, and you don’t want to miss that 🙂


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