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Convert DateTime to ISO8601 for use in SharePoint CAML queries

Ever wanted to create a CML query and insert a DateTime value? No such luck, DateTime values cannot be inserted directly, you need to convert the DateTime value to ISO8601 format and there is no DateTime function to do that. Luckily, SharePoint provides a function for you in a utility class. The function is called, […]

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Series outline: Customizing the user experience of SharePoint using features, lists, custom fields, content types, and listforms

Ok, so final approval from SharePoint Magazine for the outline of the article series is in place. I will begin writing the articles this week but it may take some time before they appear in SPM depending on their publishing schedule. To wet your appetite, I will post the series outline here. Also, and very […]

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Automating business processes in SharePoint: Visual Studio Workflows (Part 3 of 3)

Final part of a three-part series on automating business processes in SharePoint. We will explore three different methods of doing Business Process Management, or BPM, using SharePoint and available tools. The scenario is a simple helpdesk application in which users should be able to send emails and have an issue be raised and sent to […]

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